ISAL Events

In addition to its training courses, ISAL organizes events for its students in order to keep a spirit of cohesion within the school and to be able to exchange with its students around a festive moment.

ISAL Parties

Every Christmas, ISAL organizes a party in its premises in a relaxing atmosphere after a few months of classes. These evenings are an opportunity for our team to exchange with our students in a less formal setting than usual.

Discover above the last edition of our Christmas party.


Visits to major fashion shows
During the FashionWeek in Paris in 2019, we had ISAL students participate in this great world fashion event. Our students were able to discover what goes on behind the scenes and even get their hands dirty to help set up the showrooms of Danamé and Tatras. They were then able to attend some of the fashion shows, including the Liu Chao show.

In the future, we will continue to develop our relationships with the major fashion shows in order to offer our students the opportunity to participate and attend events related to fashion and luxury.

Some pictures taken by our students during this event:

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And many more events to come!

We will continue to develop partnerships in Paris in order to offer our students events that allow them to develop their artistic culture. It also allows them to discover the fashion and luxury sector in depth and to become more professional through their experience.

Paris – Shanghai evening

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