ISAL offers you a unique service to get in touch with its graduate students or those undergoing training. When you have a job vacancy, we suggest the profile that best suits your needs. In the fashion, luxury, digital and entrepreneurial sectors, you will find the person who meets your expectations and who will make himself indispensable.

Through internships distributed throughout their training, students are constantly immersed in a professional context. They know the magnitude of the challenges of working for a fashion, luxury and digital lifestyle business.

Professional training to meet your business challenges.

At ISAL Paris, we offer comprehensive learning to give the right tools to tomorrow’s fashion players. Thanks to our professional training, our students know all aspects of the fashion and luxury industry. In order to adapt to a globalized and multicultural sector, courses are given to them in English, Italian or Chinese. They are armed from the first year to join a fashion, ready-to-wear company, from the initial product design to marketing and commercial issues.

With our Bachelor in Fashion, Luxury & Digital Marketing, our students are made aware of all the stages of designing a collection, then learn to develop their marketing strategy. Integration into the world of work is one of the major objectives of this diploma, which involves collaborative work with our professional trainers. To go even further, our Fashion & Purchasing MBA allows students to gather all the knowledge essential to running a Fashion business. Many qualities are required during this course, including rigour, effort, dynamism and responsiveness. They learn to anticipate the needs of consumers to stay at the cutting edge of innovation.

We can find the profile that best suits your expectations. Do not hesitate to Contacter ISAL PARIS !


Some fashion companies that have welcomed ISAL students


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