Who we are ?

Inspired by its creators, Lu Hua and Alexis Doutriaux, ISAL Paris is the first Fashion Lab that combines France and China. ISAL trains students in the Fashion and Digital Lifestyle trades and advises companies in their development and sourcing projects.


Fashion is a Luxury world that is constantly changing and evolving, crossed by multiple trends and very varied players: between the proximity of Made in France and the international, independent creators and large companies, technological innovations and natural materials, a profusion, a culture broth. And this culture sometimes has a hard time pointing this out. This is why ISAL also supports young fashion brands in their promotion.


It is a fact, Fashion is becoming more and more digital and this digital transformation affects both the organization of businesses and the relationship with the customer and the consumer.

ISAL Paris (School of Fashion Marketing) thus combines the creative and marketing professions in all activities. ISAL students develop a culture and an open-mindedness as well as essential skills for Fashion and Luxury companies, geared to the spirit of the times and the latest innovations. Between school of design and school of beginners, ISAL keeps styling and creation at the heart of its programs. By preparing international and French students to enter the best fashion design schools in Paris, and by supporting young designer brands in their development with ISAL Label.


The world of fashion is demanding and requires its players to respond quickly and intelligently.

So that the future professionals we train learn to manage the rhythms of fashion planning, we organize thematic Workshops where professionals come to bring their experiences and know-how.

In addition, the Fashion sector is constantly changing. So, to better understand the changes and be closer to reality, the latest developments, we organize Conferences and Workshops. Each of these moments of discussion provides students with a reflection essential to their professional involvement.


So we say to students: “OPEN UP TO FASHION !