Styling photo in the press, another craft of fashion jobs.

To create a universe, set up an atmosphere, tell a story such is the work of the stylist in the fashion media.

The artistic and commercial teams work together to offer readers of fashion magazines a selection of products adapted to a season, a theme, and a strong trend.

During past few weeks, ISAL PARIS students worked closely with international students from a photography school (SPEOS PARIS) as well as students from a make-up and hairdressing school (ITM PARIS) in order to offer high-quality work.

Immersion in a professional world with innovative equipment allows students to look to their future work and their functions within international fashion companies.


Team work, with international students, allows to propose a rich experience in cultural influences and creativity. The meeting of students specialized in their field is a real professional work in the company.


To exchange, to set problems, to question oneself, to adapt to the unexpected is the message that this workshop wishes to transmit to the students, professionals of tomorrow.